Edwin Bleiler is Born

Edwin Bleiler is Born

Edwin Bleiler was born on August 20, 1988 at 2:57 p.m.  He weighed 9 lbs 5 oz.  Edwin Bleiler was born at Framingham Union Hospital in Framingham, MA  and was delivered by Dr, Herman.  Eddie Bleiler was a handsome little boy with blonde hair, blue eyes, and very chubby cheeks!Edwin Bleiler is Born

Edwin Bleiler was born to Joanne T. Bleiler (Tobin) and Edwin U. Bleiler of Framingham, MA.  The family resided at 28 Savoy Road.

He was always surrounded by loving family and friends.

When Edwin Bleiler was born, he had two Great Grandmother’s :  Kaye Tobin of Sandwich, NH and Kaye Cronin of Marlboro, MA.

Edwin Bleiler had several grandparents:  Claire Bleiler of Dedham, MA; Kathy and Michael Gumben of Framingham, MA; and Marianne and Jim Tobin of Framingham, MA.

Unfortunately, Edwin Bleiler’s namesake, his paternal grandfather, died just two months before his birth,.

Eddie was also blessed with many aunts and uncles:  James Tobin IV, Victoria Sweet, Jill Gumben, Tracey Tobin, and Troy Dyson on his mother’s side and Robin Carchedi, Steve Bleiler, and Sue Leone on his father’s side.

He was baptized at St. Anne’s Church in Wayland, MA.  Family friends Bob Hilliard of Reading, MA and Donna LeMoyne of Worcester, MA  served as godparents.

Eddie Bleiler, as he came to be known, enjoyed his nursery, decorated in Disney babies and having his mother rock him was a favorite activity.  He was a fun loving little boy with a huge smile!

Ed Bleiler’s first pet was a lovable mut named Tasha who lavished attention of him as a baby.

Edwin Bleiler’s 1st birthday was attended by all.  Duplicate birthday cards of a little boy with a baseball and bat in his hand were a sign of great things to come!

Spending time with his mom and dad were his most favorite times.  Whether it was mowing the yard with Dad, feeding the ducks at the park, or reading his favorite books, he was perennially happy.



“Why God Made Little Boys”

God made a world out of His dreams of magic mountains  oceans and streams, prairies and plains, and wooded land then paused and thought:  I need someone to stand on top of the mountain to conqure the seas, explore the plains and climbs the trees, Someone to start out small and grow sturdy and strong, like a tree, and so… He created boys full of spirit and fun to explore and conquer to romp and run with dirty faces and banged-up chins.  When He had completed the task He’d begun He surely said, “That’s a job well done.”  Author Unknown

Edwin Bleiler is Born.